Counselect provides an alternative path for quality lawyers, who want to leave the rat race and still work with blue chip organisations on a flexible basis. The uniqueness of the model is in its complete involvement yet flexible engagement.

As a legal professional, some of you may have taken a conscious decision against continuing with a regular job. The reasons could be diverse:

Counselect’s flexible work solution offers quality legal professionals an opportunity to use their talent and expertise to be part of an organisation’s legal team on a project assignment. These secondment assignments could vary in time-frame from three months to one year.


Counselect’s alternative path and flexible work solutions offer a range of benefits from time-based engagements to enrichment and learning.

Benefits to you:


These work solutions are not merely secondment assignments, but present a unique opportunity to enjoy the work you do, while choosing the life you want to live.

Benefits to you:

  • Your practice area expertise and industry experience are kept in mind when we match them with the requirements and objectives of our clients. This allows you to fully leverage your experience and strengths.
  • Secondment positions do present challenges to get out of your comfort zone and expose you to other disciplines and industries, within and outside your domain.
  • The multiplicity of assignments will enrich your domain knowledge, as well as provide exposure to new industry sectors.